Who We Are

For over three decades, we have operated a company that has built a global reputation for providing the highest caliber of investment opportunities and as well utilise our expertise and diverse network to dentifying and secure optimal opportunities to invest on the other hand committed to exceptional standards of corporate responsibility.

Our investment decisions are backed by extensive research and professional portfolio management which comprises a series of diversified investment structured and modeled to suit all asset clases. The core of our values and principles lies in our competence to work closely with our principals and associates to provide outstanding services which has made us cement our position as one of the world’s foremost value. Markaz Arabian Fund Company has the expertise and experience to find the right solution for you - on time, on budget, on point.

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What We Do

With our network of both private and institutional lenders and investor groups, Markaz Arabian Fund Company is able to organise various types and amounts of loans for clients. To satisfy your credit need, we arrange Loan Syndication by involving high net-worth individuals and GCC investor groups with which we have working relationships. We syndicate financial solutions that best suit the customers financial and investments needs, such as;

  • Large Project Funding
  • Corporate Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Equity or Debt funding
  • Working Capital
  • Private & Business based funding
  • Property Development
  • Offshore Services

With Markaz Arabian Fund Company, you have a partner you can trust.

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Our Services

Investments & Loans

Markaz Arabian Fund Company provides Investment structuring services to clients all around the world thereby ensuring integrated capital solutions for all asset classes . We are positioned to consider funding projects in the areas of construction, commodity trading,automobiles, renewable energy,technology, medical equipment,telecommunication, real estate and other specialized asset classes.

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Fund Management

Our team of Experts, procure and demonstrate vital ability with research to back up specialization that are used to ensure proper asset management in any given Investment. Our Expert Consultant is ready to help you manage your Funds Properly and Invest wisely.

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