Certifications and Memberships

Investment Strategies. Markaz Arabian Fund Company Portfolio is one of very few Global Long Short Macro funds locally based and managed in the city of Bahrain. MACF Global Long Short Macro is a generalist, long short equity tilted fund that uses a top down sector based thematic approach with a bottom up fundamental stock selection approach in global equity markets. The fund’s objective is to achieve consistent, positive absolute returns throughout any market cycle. We use a top down sector selection strategy wherein we identify which sectors will outperform/underperform the market, followed by a bottom up stock selection within each sector. We go long the sectors we are bullish on and short the sectors we are bearish on. The time horizon for our investments is between 6 to 12 months. The portfolio also makes select use of equity derivatives and foreign exchange forward contracts for hedging/investment gains..

We are owned. In 2009, Markaz Arabian Fund Company, was certified as a owned business through the Business Enterprise National in addition to Business Investment International and Manaf Abdulaziz Isahq AL-Hajeri remains the CEO and one of the major owners.

Our commitment to diversity drives our involvement in a number of organizations and networks that recognize the role play in industry. Participation with these groups allows us to share best practices and focus on accelerating business growth. We were delighted in 2013 to be named Investor of the Year in recognition of our dedication to promoting business.